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Ben regularly gives talks on the natural history of Britain and abroad.

He has traveled extensively through regions of Africa and Central America. He also gives talks about wildlife art and the inspiration behind his paintings.

Talks typically last for 1 - 1.5 hours but can be longer or shorter on request.

Speaker Fee: £100

Most popular talks:

1) The Wildlife of Shropshire

A look at the flora and fauna of the British Countryside, some of the threats facing it past and present plus new behaviour from some of its most interesting species, this talk is specially tailored to Ben's home county, Shropshire.

2) Lions, Livingstone and The Great Rift Valley

Join Ben on a trek up the spine of the African Continent from Victoria Falls to the summit of Kilimanjaro and in the footsteps of the great Victorian Explorers who inspired Ben to travel many times to this part of the world in search of its people and wildlife.

3) Dragons and Demons:

A Journey through the Mayan Heartlands

Travel with Ben from the North Yucutan Peninsula, down into the rainforests of Mexico and Belize, then West into Guatemala and beyond to uncover some of the history of the great Mayan Civilisation.

Ben is based in a small village in North Shropshire (near Ellesmere) and travel expenses are charged to locations outside a 20 mile radius of his house.

Travel expenses: 30p/mile

Please email Ben directly to discuss your event

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