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Ben's latest film with The County Channel:

Described by Sir David Attenborough as 'truly remarkable', Ben's new-to-science otter film made with Geoff Ward of and with special thanks to Ted and Di Barber and Dr Gareth Parry can be viewed below.
  New-to-science Otter Behaviour




Wildlife and Farmland hand-in-hand



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The Slug Killer


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The King of All Fish




 My Favourite British Bird




Ben presents the Environmental News on Green TV

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 Modern Day Dinosaurs




Snuggling up with Adders



Fun with an Arizona Tarantula



  WWT Presenter Film


 Whitewater Rafting the Mighty Zambezi River, Zimbabwe




 The Northern Pacific Rattlesnake





Belizean River Otters and Red-Rumped Tarantula





Californian Gopher Snake




Sea Turtles and Dolphins




Old English Grass Snake



A Frog from the Depths




Ben Waddams and Jamie Crawford on the BBC's 'Wild About Art'



Ben's Wildlife Film Showreel

Courtesy of Tigress Productions, Bristol MMIX



Report on Adders for ITV



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