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Wildlife and Art

   Commission a Painting


Commissions are very happily undertaken.

If you cannot see a work in the gallery seections of this website that you wish to purchase, why not consider commissioning a painting direct from the artist?

Popular commission subjects include favourite wildlife species to add a personal touch to your house or as a gift for a wildlife enthusiast, producing a painting of a favourite photograph or pet commissions.

The price of Ben's work continues to see sharp rises in the last few years and they continue to increase steadily.

Ben has had over 10 of his paintings released as limited editions by one of the UK's leading fine art publishers over the past few years and galleries continue to demand his work.

Current guide prices for Gallery works:

5" x 5" oil (framed 11" x 11") £450

6" x 8" oil (framed 12" x 14") £750

12" x 16" (framed 18" x 22") £1,450

If you would like to discuss commissioning a painting, please email Ben on [email protected] and he will be delighted to advise you.