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A careful selection of Ben's latest paintings are exclusively available as high-quality, professionally published Fine Art prints from

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Mc Scruffy
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Self-Published Prints
Ben Waddams' wildlife originals hang in private collects throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and America. Many of those originals are only available through special shows or galleries, but now for the first time signed, numbered, limited editions are available through Ben's website.
Ben's original paintings are being increasingly sought after by collectors on a local and national level and his prices have risen rapidly. For those unable to acquire an original painting, all images displayed below can be purchased as limited edition prints ? affordable art for the informed investor or casual collector.

Large prints are painstakingly created using a fine art publisher printing press and are printed onto the best quality, heavy nott watercolour paper. Small 9"x7" prints are printed using the same process, onto high quality gloss card.

Each print is individually signed and numbered and titled by the artist.  All prints are sold unmounted and unframed in a postage tube and 7"x9" drawing prints are posted flat. We aim to dispatch all orders as quickly as possible once ready.

Please note: prints are available in custom sizes. The prices below are for prints measuring 10" x 12", 10" x 10" if square and 9"x7" if small drawings.  Please contact Ben for larger sizes. We hold many prints in stock, however others will be custom printed. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. Thank you.


10"x12" Prints: £50 (free P&P to UK)
10"x10" Prints: £45 (free P&P to UK) 




Frosty  Perch




Shoreline Study


Evening on the Field

Spring Fox

Breaking Dawn



Legend of the Glen

Silver Lining


Small Blue

No Fishing

Cheeky Chappie


The Den in Spring



Showing Off




The Pathia Tiger


Impala Approaching


Ben's passion for wildlife extends to studying them in most mediums and asides from paint, he has also produced many drawings. Some are from his sketchbook and from life, others are worked-up, finished drawings that serve either as a basis for future paintings, or as stand-alone pieces.
Most are completed in pen and ink. A few are available and all are for sale as limited edition prints.
10"x12" Prints: £40 (free P&P to UK)
7"x9" Prints: £25 (free P&P to UK) 
10" x 12" Limited Edition Prints

Haring Along

Pen&Ink Study



Autumnal Lie In

Pen&Ink Study


In the Thicket

Roe Deer Doe and Fawn

Original Available (contact Ben)



7" x 9" Limited Edition Prints

The Lucky Green Caterpillar and the Robin


The Lucky Green Caterpillar and the Blackbird 




Pen&Ink Study

Original Available (contact Ben)



 Yellow Hammer

Pen&Ink Study




Pen&Ink Study




Pen&Ink Study



Long tailed Tit

Pen&Ink Study

Original Available (contact Ben)



Pen&Ink Study


 Bearded Tit

Pen&Ink Study




more 10" x 12" Limited Edition Prints


 Red Kites

Pen&Ink and Pencil Studies



Pen and Ink Study

Original Available (contact Ben)



 Nearing the End

Pen&Ink Study




Pen&Ink Study
Original Available (contact Ben)