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Writing is in my family. My grandmother, Muriel Pike, was a great writer. She was terribly modest about her abilities, but she worked with some of the greats of British stage and screen. Whe she died in 2009 at the grand old age of 95, I read the following poem of hers at the funeral. I recieved compliments afterwards, but of course it was her who deserved the compliments. Thanks Granny.


Dorset Spring

 Spring does not come in a blaze of daffodil

Or a flurry of lilac dropping its scented breath;

The sky is as grey as an old man’s face, and the sun

Never shines.


Over the sleeping earth the frost has laid

Its cruel, probing, pitiless fingers of ice, and the whole world shivers and huddles against the chill;

Image of death.


But then in a secret place where the wind is still,

And a tiny handful of warmth is sheltered and stored,

A green blade thrusts its way like a shining sword,

Shoulders the earth aside with a brave parade

Of birth out of death, flower out of withered seed.


And the birds are suddenly singing.



Muriel Pike: 1914 - 2009  Grandmother